2018 RSW/US New Year Outlook Survey Report

The 2018 RSW/US New Year Outlook survey was completed by 145 senior level Marketers and 115 Marketing Agency executives during December, 2017. The purpose of the survey was to glean insights relative to marketer and agency perspective as they each headed into 2018. Topics explored included “biggest challenges facing marketing agencies” as seen through the…
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RSW/US 2017 Agency-Marketer New Business Report

The 2017 RSW/US New Business Report is our 5th Annual, presenting comparable data available across all four previous survey reports, providing insight on trends in key areas of agency new business, and ideally providing insight to prepare for a stronger new business program in 2018. Agencies and Marketers nationwide responded to our survey, answering questions…
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RSW/US 2017 Thought Leader Survey Report

Welcome to the RSW/US 2017 Thought Leader Survey Report. Because we typically generate questions for our quarterly surveys, as in past years, we turned to perspective from some of the industry’s leading agency new business Thought Leaders. The 2017 Agency New Business Thought Leader Survey was completed by 164 Agencies from across the United States during…
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RSW/US-Mirren 2017 Agency New Business Tools Report

The RSW/US-Mirren 2017 New Business Tools Annual Report is an essential resource for agencies. As tools and technology continue to play a greater role in agencies of all disciplines, it’s important to understand the value of each as it pertains to driving growth

The 2017 RSW/US New Year Outlook Survey Report

200 marketing agency executives and senior level marketers across the United States and Canada completed the 2017 RSW/US New Year Outlook survey during December, 2016.

2016 RSW/US Agency New Business Survey

Every other year since 2010, RSW/US has fielded the Agency New Business Survey, which zeros in on dynamics that both drive and challenge new business development. The 2016 RSW/US Agency New Business Survey was distributed in September to over 5,000 agencies across the United States and Canada. The survey included four questions provided by ADWEEK. The ADWEEK questions…
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RSW/US-Mirren Agency New Business Tools-2016 Annual Report

The Mirren-RSW/US 2016 Agency New Business Tools Annual Report is a must-read resource for anyone involved in Agency New Business.

Now in its fourth year, The Annual Report summarizes information gleaned from more than 200 agency executives on the effectiveness of a wide variety of new business tools they use to support and grow their business.

2016 New Year Outlook Survey – RSW/US

RSW/US recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary.  Since our inception, we’ve been conducting annual surveys that produce insights on Advertising/Marketing industry trends and how they impact Marketer/Agency Relationships. One thing is certain with each annual survey: something new is always emerging.  Over the years, those  “new things” seem to come faster and faster. The 2016 RSW/US New…
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2016 RSW/US Agency New Business Thought Leader Survey Report

The 2016 RSW/US Agency New Business Thought Leaders Survey Report presents questions posed by six of the the industry’s leading Thought Leaders. Over 260 Agency Principals responded to questions posed by the Thought Leaders across a range of important agency new business issues. In addition to survey results, the report includes agency new business advice offered by each Thought Leader.


Now in the third year of developing this report, it is noteworthy that almost all categories of new business tools have seen significant growth compared to 2014. Increasingly, agencies see the importance of content in pursuing agency new business as a means of showing their expertise and understanding of the marketplace.

From past reports to the this one, there’s still no new “it” tool agencies are embracing, but they are exploring newer offerings to better streamline their new business process.

We trust you’ll find this report a provocative and candid look at the landscape of agency new business and the resources needed to grow your business effectively and efficiently.