RSW/US 2021 Marketing Technology & Agency New Business Tools Report

The RSW/US Marketing Technology & Agency New Business Tools survey is one of the many surveys we sponsor annually and was conducted among marketers and agencies during the April/May
2021 time period.

The survey was sent to our database of 10,000+ marketing agencies and 60,000+ marketers.

We asked Marketers a short series of questions about their use of marketing technology platforms to better their marketing efforts, how their use of marketing technology tools has
changed over the years, and how they expect this to change in the years to come.

We also explored questions relative to their agencies and the degree to which they felt their agencies were staying ahead of the curve in the marketing technology space.

The survey among agencies was much more involved.

We broke the agency survey into two sections:

The first focused on tools marketing agencies are using for the benefit of their clients.

The second focused on tools marketing agencies are using to better their own new business efforts.

How Agencies Use Marketing Technology

We wanted to determine, in broad terms, how agencies use marketing technology and see that changing over time, as well as understand what tools they use and the value (or lack
thereof) they perceive in tools across a range of categories.

We asked agencies questions about usage of technology tools across 19 different marketing and agency new business categories, including Data Visualization, CRM, and Audience

And we asked them to share the specific tools they use in each of these 19 categories, along with satisfaction ratings for each tool.

Each category in this survey is reported separately, with all the technology tools shared by agencies included in the report.

If an agency noted that they were either “Very Satisfied” or “Dissatisfied/Very Dissatisfied”, we specifically called this out to help guide you in your evaluation of technology tools, and
every platform is hot linked to their website’s URL in order to make it easy for you to learn more about the platform.

Please note that this report is not intended to be a scientific study of technology tool performance.

The reporting of data reflects opinions of your agency peers and is delivered from a neutral stance by RSW/US, without endorsement of any specific platform.

We hope you enjoy the read and find this report to be helpful in moving your business to an even better level!

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