Philanthropy at RSW/US-RSW/CARES

RSW/CARES is the Philanthropic arm of RSW/US


The mission of RSW/CARES is to provide our employees opportunities to give back and to unite as an organization through serving. Serving others helps remind us what is truly important in life and is also one of the best avenues to unify as a team.

Each year, RSW/CARES seeks to give back locally, nationally, & globally. Locally, we partner with our city – the City of Madeira, Ohio – to help keep our community clean. Nationally, we partner with our states Foodbank to fight hunger during the Thanksgiving holiday. And Globally, we partner with Soles4Souls to help fight poverty throughout the world.

Feel free to check out our Facebook for up-to-date news on all our Philanthropy Events.


Philanthropic History at RSW/US

RSW/US Cares – Sellman Park Philanthropy Project 2019

RSW/US Cares-Freestore Holiday Foodbank-2018

RSW/US Cares – United Way 2018

We were proud to raise $5,000 to help out Cincinnati United Way!

RSW/US Cares- 2018 Summer Blood Donation Drive

RSW/US Cares – McDonald Commons Philanthropy Project 2018

RSW/US Cares-Soles4Souls-2018

RSW/US Cares-Freestore Holiday Foodbank-2017

RSW/US Cares- 2017 Blood Donation Drive

RSW/US Cares – Sellman Park Philanthropy Project 2017

On June 30, 2017, we volunteered in the city we work in, Madiera, Ohio, mulching Sellman Park and picking up trash in the business district in downtown Madeira, ahead of their July 4th activities.

We know of course we’re far from the only company in town that takes part in philanthropic activity, but we always enjoy doing it and appreciate the community of Madeira.

And thanks to the city for their FB post, in full below:

RSW/US Team Volunteer Efforts!Special thanks to the RSW/US Team for their volunteer clean-up efforts in Madeira! …

Posted by City of Madeira, Ohio on Friday, July 7, 2017

RSW/US Cares – Soles4Souls 2017

Shoe count underway at RSW/US Soles4Souls final collection day. 

RSW/US Cares-Freestore Holiday Foodbank-2016

RSW/US Cares – Sellman Park Philanthropy Project 2016

RSW/US Cares – Soles4Souls 2016

RSW/US Cares-Freestore Holiday Foodbank-2015

RSW/US Cares-Ronald McDonald House-2015

RSW/US Cares – Soles4Souls 2014

When Mark Sneider started RSW/US, he knew from the get-go that this wouldn’t just be about growing a company, but would also involve giving back to people who need help most: underprivileged and mentally challenged children.

Each year during the Easter and Christmas seasons, RSW/US contributes time, talents, and money to charities such as the Ronald McDonald House and local churches.

In 2010, RSW/US partnered with Soles4Souls, an international organization that collects shoes for kids and adults throughout the world.

During the first two years of the partnership, RSW/US encouraged local area businesses and clients to collect shoes and donate money to the cause. For every dollar a client donated, the same amount was deducted from their next month’s invoice.

In 2010 and 2011, RSW/US collected approximately 500 pairs of shoes. In 2013, RSW/US increased its commitment to the program by including a local area Middle School, more businesses, and clients, and successfully collected over 2,000 pairs of shoes. In 2014, RSW/US created a competition among three area high schools, with the goal of collecting 4,000 pairs of shoes.

In addition to the school participation, over 40 area businesses and clients across the country participated to help RSW/US exceed its goal, collecting over 4,000 pairs of shoes.

Every year in the Fall, RSW/US will host this drive with different area high schools and each year we hope to exceed the previous year’s goal.

It is events like Soles4Souls that not only allow RSW/US to do great things for our community and deserving people around the world, but it’s events like these that help bring the employees of RSW/US closer together – and make it that much better a place to work every day.