Agency/Marketer Response to COVID-19 Companion Report-May

Prior to releasing the survey for this COVID-19 companion report, senior-level Marketers and Marketing Agency executives completed our first “Agency/Marketer Response to COVID-19 Survey” from March 20-24th, 2020.

As circumstances in the economy and our lives change so rapidly, we wanted to release this companion report, taking data from a follow-up survey completed by Senior-level Marketers and Marketing Agency executives from May 8-12th, to gain comparative, as well as new insights.

Our hope is the key findings and implications from this COVID-19 Companion Report are of value as both marketers and agencies attempt to navigate the unknown factors inherent to our current business landscape.


The agency sample came from our RSW/AgencySearch database of over 5,000 marketing service companies in the U.S. and Canada ranging in size from under $5M in capitalized billings to over $100M.

The disciplines of each Agency included full-service advertising, digital, PR, and marketing consultancies, to name a few examples.

The marketer sample came from our RSW/US database of 50,000 marketing decision-maker contacts.

Company size, location, and category varied.

This study was commissioned by RSW/US.

RSW/US is an outsourced lead generation/ business development firm that exclusively services marketing service firms (of all sizes and types). RSW/US works with over 50 agencies across the U.S., operating as their outsourced sales and marketing team. RSW was founded in 2005.

In 2010, RSW started RSW/AgencySearch.

To-date, RSW/AgencySearch has managed over 40 searches for marketers across a range of different categories, helping them find better agencies.

The RSW/AgencySearch model is unique to the industry.

The exposure to the agency and the marketer world has armed RSW/US with perspective unmatched in the industry.

This perspective is woven throughout this, and every survey report.

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We hope this COVID-19 Companion Report is helpful to you agency new business strategy.

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