The RSW/US Process

We have a very organized methodology and a full team of marketing and list development professionals that support your New Business Director. While our methodology is fairly fixed, it’s also fluid in that we can easily react to changes in the marketplace that require quick action.

Kick-off Meeting

Every engagement starts with a half-day kick-off meeting led by a senior member of the RSW/US management team. The goal is to gather as much information as we can about what your firm does, who you work with, and what problems you solve for your clients. We also plan ahead to determine where we want to focus our efforts, and what content/collateral you have/are willing to build.

There are three deliverables coming out of the kick-off:

  1. A list of target companies.
  2. A communications strategy/brand story that outlines the most compelling way to talk about your value.
  3. A prospecting plan that outlines our recommendations for areas to refine or build in order to support the sale of your firm’s services.

New Business Director Immersion

Following the kick-off meeting, your New Business Director will start studying the materials supplied by your agency (e.g. proposals, capabilities presentations, etc.), as well as your website.

After approval of the communications strategy, your New Business Director will start developing a call template. It’s not a script — it’s a guide that outlines the messaging strategies we’ll use to best position your agency in different situations. We’ll take you through the call template to make sure you’re comfortable with the messaging, and then have the New Business Director visit your firm for a full immersion into your agency’s work, culture, and personnel. The goal is for your New Business Director to walk away feeling like they are part of your team and fully equipped to begin representing you.

Targeted List Development

Following an internal download, the RSW/US List Development Team sets itself in motion. We have a database of over 80,000 marketing contacts and other decision makers, as well as access to a variety of other database resources, allowing us to build the cleanest and most targeted lists in the industry. Before your New Business Director contacts any prospect, the list team verifies each contact to make sure all information is correct. With marketers and other senior decision makers moving from job to job with a fair amount of frequency, it’s critical that we only work with the cleanest lists possible.

Thought Leadership Content

As part of every program, the RSW/US marketing team works with you to harness value-added content (either taken from a client’s existing blog or from non-competitive third party articles) that complements your New Business Director’s day-to-day outreach. These value-added emails (VAEs) help do a number of things:

  1. They position you as a thought leader in your space.
  2. They keep your firm’s name in front of all prospects so we can capitalize on opportunities as they surface.
  3. They help your New Business Director focus on older/colder prospects while they are going heavy against new waves of prospects in a given month. We track clickers and openers and reach out to these prospects. About 15% of all our meetings set are among prospects that have either opened or clicked on content pushed out via VAEs, so this program is an important part of our outreach efforts.


Every 5-6 we reach out to a new group of roughly 70 prospects (via mail/phone/email/social). Your New Business Director prospects these companies politely and persistently for this 5 to 6 week period.

In addition to reaching out to new waves of prospects, your New Business Director also prospects the “clickers” and “openers” from the most recent VAEs (value-added emails).  VAEs are graphic template emails that typically point prospects to thought leadership blog posts published by the agency.  VAEs help us stay in front of everyone in the database on-going, so no one is left untouched.

Every day, your New Business Director uses website visitor tracking technology to track and prioritize the activity of leads (e.g. visits to site, activity on site, time spent on site).

And every day, your New Business Director gets a list of new hires, so if they see someone or a company that makes sense for your program, they will reach out to you to discuss going after that prospect.


Every week, your New Business Director will provide you with an update of the most immediate activity on your account.  During this weekly call, your New Business Director will review past activity, upcoming activity and discuss meetings had or set to make sure everything is being done to help move prospects closer to close.