RSW/Launch – A More Cost Effective Way to Launch an Outsourced Lead Generation Program

RSW/Launch gives agencies that are doing little-to-nothing to generate leads, an opportunity to launch a lead generation program that can build awareness and interest in their agency brand more quickly and cost efficiently.

With RSW/Launch…

  • A cold email platform mimics one-off sends to systematically deliver emails to a custom built target list for your program.
  • Your Sales Development Rep tracks and reaches out to prospects visiting your website.
  • They also track and reach out to companies searching for the things you do most often.
  • And they track and reach out to clickers of content sent to prospects.

Benefits include:

  1. More reliable.  Foundationally built off of the same design as our successful full-service RSW program with list support, email content support, and website visitor tracking & outreach embedded in each program.
  2. More effective than a typical email program – by using a multi-touch cold email platform that mimics one-off sending, we are able to increase deliverability of emails into prospect inboxes.  And reaching out to website visitors, clickers of content, and companies searching for the things you do, helps you engage with those that might be ready to “buy”.
  3. More cost efficient. We offer a shorter initial term and keep our costs lower to make the program more affordable for you.
  4. Quicker ramp up.  We handle all the components of the ramp up and move you to market quickly.

What You Get with an RSW/Launch Program:

  1. Industry leading cold email platform technology, designed to improve deliverability into prospects’ inboxes.
  2. Account Manager/”Executive Assistant” who calls and emails higher value prospects that raise their hands wanting to meet, visit your website, or click of content we share with them.
  3. Lists built out using Intent Tracking that reports on companies with higher levels search activity for the things your agency does and lists built by our list management team.
  4. Email content developed by our marketing communications team.
  5. Website tracking software so we can act on who is visiting your site.

Cost for the RSW/Launch program:
Monthly fee: $2750 per month
Minimum commitment: 4 months
Additional costs: Domain purchase, email account purchase, extra list building purchase.