2018 RSW/US New Year Outlook Survey Report

The 2018 RSW/US New Year Outlook survey was completed by 145 senior level Marketers and 115 Marketing Agency executives during December, 2017.

The purpose of the survey was to glean insights relative to marketer and agency perspective as they each headed into 2018.

Topics explored included “biggest challenges facing marketing agencies” as seen through the eyes of marketers and agencies.

Also probed were topics related to spending and investment expectations, the growth of specialty agencies, the importance of measuring ROI (which marketers and agencies don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye on), and the ever increasing importance of data and analytics.

Our hope is the key findings and implications from this study are of value as you kick your marketing and sales planning into gear for 2018.

The agency sample came from the RSW/AgencySearch database of over 5,000 marketing service companies in the U.S. and Canada ranging in size from under $5M in capitalized billings to over $100M. The disciplines of each Agency varied from full service advertising, to digital, to PR, to marketing consultancies.

The marketer sample came from our RSW/US database of 50,000 marketing decision maker contacts. Company size, location, and category varied.

If you would like to reproduce any of our findings in any format whatsoever, please give either Mark Sneider or Lee McKnight a call (513-559-3101/3111) or email us at mark@rswus.com / lee@rswus.com.

RSW/US 2017 Agency-Marketer New Business Report

The 2017 RSW/US New Business Report is our 5th Annual, presenting comparable data available across all four previous survey reports, providing insight on trends in key areas of agency new business, and ideally providing insight to prepare for a stronger new business program in 2018.

Agencies and Marketers nationwide responded to our survey, answering questions on new business director tenure and overall success, current challenges inherent to agency new business, referral frequency, in-house agency usage, project vs. AOR work and more.

We’ll be releasing further agency new business content around our report, including posts, video, infographics and a webinar, which you can find on our “Resources” tab.

RSW/US 2017 Thought Leader Survey Report

Welcome to the RSW/US 2017 Thought Leader Survey Report.

Because we typically generate questions for our quarterly surveys, as in past years, we turned to perspective from some of the industry’s leading agency new business Thought Leaders.

The 2017 Agency New Business Thought Leader Survey was completed by 164 Agencies from across the United States during July 2017 and commissioned by RSW/US.

This report provides an overall summary of findings as well as perspective from RSW/US.

We have a solid lineup of Thought Leaders this year:

Tim Williams

Jody Sutter

Drew McLellan

David C. Baker

Laurie Mikes

Michael Gass

A big thank you to all of them!

Each thought leader submitted one piece of agency new business advice, along with questions they believed would prove helpful to agencies across the country in 2017, including questions like:

Does the person primarily charged with new business also manage some client accounts?

What are your most preferred areas for gaining additional insights into improving your new business skills/program?

What is your first priority if you have additional funds to re-invest into your agency?

When proposing compensation to a new business prospect, how often do you provide multiple options, versus just a single price
or approach?

RSW/US-Mirren 2017 Agency New Business Tools Report

The RSW/US-Mirren 2017 New Business Tools Annual Report is an essential resource for agencies. As tools and technology continue to play a greater role in agencies of all disciplines, it’s important to understand the value of each as it pertains to driving growth.

Now in its fifth year, The New Business Tools Annual Report summarizes the findings from nearly 400 US agency executives on the use and effectiveness of tools across a wide range of categories that are most critical to an agency’s new business function. The categories were determined based upon usage rate trends from previous reports.

Agency executives can leverage this report to inform new business tool usage, best practices and investment decisions. It’s also a good resource to understand what’s lacking when it comes to each tool and what needs to be developed further.

This year significant changes were made to provide a deeper assessment of the effectiveness of each tool examined. This included measuring the effectiveness of tools across customized variables identified as being most pertinent to its new business effectiveness.

Mirren Business Development and RSW/US’s respective databases of senior agency executives were used for this study. The study was fielded in March and April 2017.


The 2017 RSW/US New Year Outlook Survey Report

200 marketing agency executives and senior level marketers across the United States and Canada completed the 2017 RSW/US New Year Outlook survey during December, 2016.

The agency sample for our report, from our RSW/US database of over 10,000 marketing service companies in the U.S. and Canada, ranges in size from under $1M in capitalized billings to over $500M.

Agency disciplines include full-service advertising, digital, PR, and marketing consultancies.

The marketer sample, from our RSW/AgencySearch database of over 100,000 marketing decision maker contacts, varies in size, vertical and location.

The 2017 RSW/US New Year Outlook Survey Report

Report topics include “troubling trends,” spending expectations, changes around in-house agencies, and the increasing use of project work to “sample” agencies.

The 2016 election also provided fodder for the survey.

In addition, the explosive growth of Marketing Technology is recognized, and several questions explore the transformative effects on our industry.

Ideally, the key findings and implications from this report are of value as you kick your marketing and sales planning into gear for 2017.