RSW/US 2019 Marketing Technology Survey Report

In lieu of our Agency New Business Tools survey, which we’ve released for the past 5+ years, we decided to focus instead on the exploding MarTech space, and are excited to release our RSW/US 2019 Marketing Technology Survey Report.

Our President, Mark Sneider, attended last year’s MarTech West conference in San Jose and was impressed with the energy, new ideas, and new platforms that permeated the conference.

Amazing that around 5-7 years ago there were 100 MarTech platforms, and today there are over 7,000!

With so much changing so quickly in the MarTech space we felt it ideal to focus our efforts there.  We asked Marketers and Agencies about their use of MarTech platforms, their attitudes towards MarTech platforms, and, how savvy each felt the other is in the space, among other topics.

We hope you can apply our findings from the RSW/US 2019 Marketing Technology Survey Report to your own new business development efforts.


This survey report is intended to inform marketers and agencies about a variety of issues related to the exploding Marketing Technology space.

This survey was conducted among RSW/US’ database of 10,000 marketing services agencies and RSW/AgencySearch’s database of 80,000 marketers for responses.

The survey was released in August 2019.

Issues related to the usage of MarTech tools, perception of marketers’ and agencies’ savviness in this space, and expectations of future spending in MarTech are among the topics explored.

A bit of background: This study was commissioned by RSW/US.

We’re an outsourced lead generation/business development firm that exclusively services marketing service firms (of all sizes and types).

RSW/US works with over 50 agencies across the U.S., operating as the outsourced sales and marketing team. RSW/US was founded in 2005.

In 2010, RSW started RSW/AgencySearch. To date, RSW/AgencySearch has managed over 30 searches for marketers across a range of different
categories, helping them find better agencies.

The RSW/AgencySearch model is unique to the industry. The exposure to the agency and the marketer world has armed RSW/US with perspective unmatched in the industry. This perspective is
woven throughout this survey report.

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