We Are Focused on Getting You Closer To Closing Business

We’re vested in our clients’ success. This is achieved by getting you closer to closing business by delivering quality meetings among key decision-makers and by structuring our programs so that we have “skin in the game.” Our New Business Directors are not only given bonuses for finding good quality meetings (in addition to their base salary), but are also provided with incentives when you close business — so they’re motivated to help you throughout the entire new business cycle.

In addition, our President and Owner, Mark Sneider, actively inserts himself into every program to ensure that the right steps are being taken by our clients to move opportunities forward. His level of involvement varies, depending on the needs and skill sets of the client. Some clients are good at putting on the “sales hat” after the meeting to move the “ball down the line”…others, not so much.

Historically, 30% to 50% of the opportunities we deliver turn into bid, pitch, or proposal situations for our clients within a few months of the initial meeting, so the opportunities to close business are clearly present. About 90% of our clients see some form of closure during the first 12 months.

We reach out to prospects with relevance.

We’ll never “push” your agency. We’ll only connect by engaging prospects with information that is relevant to their world (e.g. current news, competitive information) so that we’re better able to bridge their situation back to solutions you’ve delivered for your clients.

Adding value to your world.

Your New Business Director will constantly be on the lookout for new opportunities, news, and other insights that can be of value to the overall effort. While we operate under a fairly fixed methodology, we’re flexible and smart enough to know you have to keep your ear to the ground to be effective.

Using the latest technologies and best practices.

We invest in technology and best practices for all of our programs. Robust CRM, website visitor tracking, lead scoring, daily reports on new hires, weekly reporting on marketers engaging with content about finding new agencies — these are all part of the RSW/US new business program. In addition, our New Business Directors often share best practices on ways to improve our ability to find opportunities and help clients get closer to closing business.