Marketer’s Edge Interview With Dan Klopp: Space Technology

Marketer’s Edge Interview With Dan Klopp: Space Technology

In this episode of Marketer’s Edge we’re talking space technology with Dan Klopp, the Director Of Marketing And Business Development for Space Systems Division at ILC Dover.

If your agency pursues clients in the space technology, aerospace, or tech space, you’ll want to watch this episode.

A bit of background: ILC Dover is a world-leader in the innovative design and production of solutions for biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, medical device markets as well as a leading supplier for the (aero)space industries.

Our customers will attest to our relentless dedication to high value products, advanced technology, and responsive service, as our visionary solutions have improved efficiency while safeguarding people, product, and infrastructure in hazardous conditions through flexible protective solutions since 1947.

Why Advertising Agencies Should Watch This Episode-Dan talks:

  • What he likes most about working in marketing & tech– particularly space technology.
  • What it’s like being one division of a well-diversified holding company, and the degree to which it proves difficult to get corporate resources Dan’s division needs to accomplish its goals.
  • The toughest challenges in marketing products in the technology space and how he’s historically overcome them.
  • ILC Dover’s involvement in the production of the next gen space suit and, unlike the suit created during the Apollo era, they’ll actually get to brand these suits with the ILC Dover name/logo.
  • His strong belief in the “Servant-Leader/Theory Y management philosophy.”
  • Advice he would give to marketers thinking about bringing a new agency on board.
  • And lastly, if an agency attempting to win business from him, the advice he would give them.

A little bit about Dan:

Executive with consistent record of profitable growth in a range of technology markets.

Market experience includes; Aerospace, electronics, chemical analysis instrumentation, and semiconductor processing equipment.

Skilled at leading teams of professionals capable of distilling diverse information into a sustainable growth strategy.