Why Marketers Decide To Review New Agencies

Why Marketers Decide To Review New Agencies

This is post #4 in our series around our 2024 New Year Outlook Report, and we’re exploring the reasons why marketers decide to review new agencies.

We see some changes here from last year’s report, and an initially surprising one. We’ll begin by breaking down the top 5, in order of 2023 data:

Why Marketers Decide To Review New Agencies

Lack of agency proactivity

The notable increase in concerns about agency proactivity should give agencies pause.

There were many factors out of any business’s control in 2023, but proactivity was not one of them.

Marketers are increasingly looking for agencies that more proactively respond and provide strategic advice
or thinking.

Along these lines, while only a slight increase in unhappiness with strategy and thinking, that’s still 40% of marketers reporting dissatisfaction and suggests a growing emphasis on strategic partnership rather than just execution.

The 4-point rise in agencies wanting ideas from the client as a reason to review agencies continues down this same path.

Why Marketers Decide To Review New Agencies

Bottom Line:

What we’re hearing from marketers is more dissatisfaction with those parts of the business under the agency’s control.

In 2024, this must be corrected on the agency side. Marketers will decide to review new agencies when they perceive a failure to innovate or provide fresh perspectives.

Which is why, as difficult as it can sometimes be (depending on the client) consistent, clear communication and a solid understanding of the client’s business are key.