Ghosted After The First Prospect Meeting?

Ghosted After The First Prospect Meeting

Far too often, we see agencies build a solid connection with a productive first prospect meeting, and then… nothing.

For our three takeaways today, we have pointers to make sure you don’t get ghosted on the way to meeting number two.

And we have a bonus, a one-pager you can download with our three takeaways from this episode.

Download that here: Climbing the Prospect Follow-Up Hill

You’ve had that first prospect meeting, and ideally you’ve set the second meeting. 

But that doesn’t always happen, or it’s tentatively set, and maybe you’re getting ghosted. 

To ensure that second meeting happens, let’s get into how you can better your odds.

Your first takeaway:

Remind them why they took the first meeting with you.

If your prospect took 30 minutes of their time to meet with you, they have a need or they saw some sort of value in talking with you.

Your primary goal in that first meeting should be to determine why they decided to take the meeting.

Perhaps their current agency is underperforming.

Maybe they are interested in a strategy that aligns with your specific strengths.

In any case, your follow-up should help to re-establish their motivation for speaking to you in the first place.

OK, your second takeaway:

Provide insight on something discussed in the first meeting. 

After that first meeting, you should have some sense of the prospect’s pain-points and you should have some understanding of their past strategies.

As you prepare to follow-up with the prospect, find ways to offer valuable perspective around something you learned in that first meeting.

Show the prospect that you understand what they told you and demonstrate your resourcefulness.

And your third takeaway:

Share your experience solving problems like theirs.

Hopefully this is not the first time you’ve heard this.

Your follow-up should include examples of work you’ve done for clients in the same (or a similar) industry as the prospect’s.

This helps to alleviate any potential concerns the prospect may have about your ability to understand his/her business.

Your goal is to establish credibility, provide value, and show the prospect that you are eager to help achieve his/her goals.

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