A Simple 3 Step New Business Agenda To Conquer Your First Prospect Meeting

A Simple 3 Step New Business Agenda To Conquer Your First Prospect Meeting

Today-we’ve got a simple new business agenda to help advertising agencies land the all-important second prospect meeting.  

Let’s do it. 

 OK, in episode 79, we talked about why you, agency principal or new business director, don’t get past the first/introductory prospect meeting-it’s because you make it all about you.

So, your prospect walks away without an understanding of your value-because you didn’t listen to their challenges or understand their priorities. 

So-how do you avoid that in your first meetings?

With this simple three-part new business agenda on how to handle a first meeting with a prospect. 

And here’s your first part, and your first takeaway-

Start with a little about yourself. 

During the first 5 minutes, share the agenda, a quick personal intro and state WHY the meeting is happening.

Share your strongest differentiator-your superpower. 

Prospects want to walk away with a better understanding of your value, not only what you do.

The biggest pain point for prospects is when an agency can’t articulate their USP.

Next on the agenda, and your second takeaway-

Make it a lot about your prospect. 

Prior to the meeting: write down some questions, research the company and industry.

During the meeting: take notes, show off that you did your homework while avoiding the machine gun approach of asking questions by using phrases like: ‘tell me’, ‘explain’, ‘can you help me understand’, ‘fill me in’, and pull from your client experience. 

Listening is key.

Not only to hear what your prospect is saying but to enhance your ability to understand their situation and communicate how your agency can help.  

And your third takeaway-

Set the table for your second meeting at the end of the first. 

Every situation will be different, but again-remember the second takeaway from our episode 79-the goal of your first meeting is to get a second. 

Wrap up the call by suggesting getting together in the next couple of weeks.

Have your calendar ready.

Here’s an example of what you can say:

Marci, thanks for your time, really appreciate your insights and comments, I certainly understand (RESTATE CHALLENGE(s)) and would like to share our expertise and how we might help you.  Why don’t we get together again in a few weeks to dive a little deeper and talk additional insights from our work, especially a campaign we developed for CLIENT X.   Possibly you would like to include some of your team from channel marketing.   – I have my calendar, is the second week of May good? “ 

By following this agenda and adapting it to your situation, your first meetings will be more effective, you’ll feel more comfortable and assured, and will have a much better chance of landing that second meeting.

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