New Year Insights For Ad Agency Relationships With Lee McKnight

New Year Insights For Ad Agency Relationships With Lee McKnight

It was awesome to be back on Drew McLellan‘s Build A Better Agency podcast, talking insights for ad agency relationships and some of the key stats from our latest RSW/US report: 2022 RSW/US New Year Outlook.

Per Drew:

The value of current and extensive market research cannot be understated. And, when agencies proactively apply the knowledge and unique insights uncovered in that research, they are better equipped to navigate change — no matter what lies ahead.

In this episode of Build a Better Agency, our guest Lee McKnight, VP of Sales at RSWUS, shares some of the most surprising marketing insights uncovered in their New Year Outlook report and helps me break them down into key takeaways and actionable next steps for agencies.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you listen to the episode by clicking here:

  • Key takeaways from the RSW/US 2022 New Year Outlook survey, and what they mean for agencies
  • Surprising insights from marketers on spending, specialization, and shifting sales landscapes
  • Why so many marketers are pulling back on their non-marketing activities — and what that means for agencies
  • What agencies can do to elevate their sales process when face-to-face networking isn’t on the table
  • The not-so-hidden benefits of being a specialization agency
  • How agency relationships work differently in the virtual space — and how to adapt
  • Why it is crucial for agencies to alternate their content and sales platforms
  • How to build strong client relationships long before the initial pitch