How Do Prospects Find Your Ad Agency?

How Do Prospects Find Your Agency

Prospects find your ad agency a number of ways, but primarily through:

  • Networking
  • Past agency relationships
  • Friends/co-workers
  • Direct ad agency outreach

How Do Prospects Find Your Ad Agency?

In our 2023 RSW/US New Year Outlook Report, we asked marketers, “how do you most often learn about new agencies?”

Unsurprisingly, networking (73%), past agency relationships (67%), and friends/co-workers (60%) constituted the top 3.

How Do Prospects Find Your Agency?

Direct Outreach Making A Comeback?

OK, maybe not the best heading, because direct outreach (outbound) never went away, but small and mid-sized agencies have always struggled with it,

In answer to the above question we asked marketers, a significant number (44%) stated that they learn about agencies via direct agency outreach.

When we asked this question many years ago, the percent of marketers stating that they learned about agencies this way was in the low teens (13%).

How Do Prospects Find Your Agency

A few takeaways for agencies here.

If you aren’t organizing outreach to marketers, you need to do it now.

There once was a day when “web searches” was among the top ways in which marketers found out about agencies. This year, it rates near the bottom, at 16%.

And while you can’t necessarily influence a marketer’s personal network, unless you literally know someone in that network, these results are a reminder to focus on your own network. As always, it’s important to your new business strategy, whether through other firms, associates, or friends.

You must cultivate your personal network, and not be afraid or nervous about doing so.

Marketers named “past agency relationships” as the second most-often way they discover agencies.

Often, when marketers move to another company, they reach out to you, which is fantastic.

But it doesn’t always happen that way.

Take the time in the beginning of 2023 to look through your past clients.

Odds are, there are individuals who have moved on to new companies, which is an opportunity for you to reconnect.

How do prospects find your agency? To reiterate: Do not ignore number four on this list (Direct Agency Outreach) just because it’s number four!

Of the top three on the list above, only number two is the one you have any control over.

So that leaves you with the most important, and one you can most directly influence: direct agency outreach.

Make it a priority in 2023, and if you need help, that’s what we do.  Contact us here.