Business Development Challenges For Ad Agencies-Building Awareness

Business Development Challenges For Ad Agencies: Building Awareness

One of the biggest initial business development challenges for ad agencies: building awareness.

We’re an outsourced ad agency business development firm that works specifically with ad agencies, marketing services firms, and PR firms to find better qualified new business opportunities and get you closer to close.

RSW/US is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, with experts in lead generation, targeted prospect list building, and content creation driving our ad agency business development programs.

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We consistently talk to ad agencies about the struggle to stand out in a sea of similar firms.

So two members of our RSW/US Marcom team, Steve Taggart and Bailey Kocent, created an ebook called RSW Tune-ups, a visual guide to driving more new business in 2022.

This Visual eBook is a bite-sized guide to some of our most impactful tips along the road to new business, and will give you an introductory roadmap for developing and
executing your plan to drum up new business opportunities.

From positioning, to content production, to outreach strategies, we cover a wide range of topics in an easily digestible format that will provide immediately actionable takeaways.

We’ll be releasing it in full soon, but we’re starting by releasing individual agency new business one-pagers, designed to cover different business development challenges advertising agencies are faced with.

This first one-pager covers one of the biggest initial business development challenges for ad agencies: building awareness, focusing on three business development building blocks that will boost your agency’s signal above the noise.

Business Development Challenges For Ad Agencies-Building Awareness

  1. Ad Agency Positioning:

All marketing agencies do the same thing.


Maybe, but that’s exactly how a new prospect views your offering.

Brands are looking to fill a specific need, and they’re looking for an agency uniquely equipped to do it.

Maybe it’s industry expertise or a capability you specialize in.

Whatever your unique selling proposition is, lean into it and make it the central theme at the core of your messaging.

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2. Ad Agency Case Studies

Case studies demonstrating your previous work are an excellent first touchpoint – offering immediate credibility through the clients you’ve worked with, the challenges you’ve helped overcome, and the results you’ve driven.

The good news is this: you’ve likely already done the legwork on these by virtue of your work with clients.

The key now is to get credit for those success stories.

Here’s some further RSW content to help create or improve your ad agency case studies:

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3. Business Development Outreach

The final piece in finding your way into the minds of prospects isn’t a complex one, but sometimes proves to be the most difficult: getting your positioning and case studies into the hands of your prospects.

Even the best positioning needs the essentials: effective communication, a recognition of the prospect’s challenges, and polite persistence to keep your agency top of mind for when the timing is right.

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The RSW/US Business Development Process


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