Cut to the Chase with Corey Morris, President and CEO, Voltage | Ep. 5-What AI means for SEO

Cut to the Chase with Corey Morris, President and CEO, Voltage | Ep. 5-What AI means for SEO

What AI means for SEO

In episode 5 or our agency interview series, we talk with Corey Morris, an 18-year veteran, achiever, and leader in the digital marketing. SEO, and technology industry and has become a community builder as well, finding great value in helping others succeed.

That applies to his role in leadership of Voltage, in the Kansas City community, and well beyond.

In addition to serving as President & CEO for Voltage, he has served on the global board of directors for SEMPO (now part of DAA), lead the SEMPO Cities program, founded the KC Search Conference, is a VIP contributor to Search Engine Journal, a member of Forbes Communications Council, and recipient of KCDMA marketer of the year.

About Voltage: Voltage is a digital agency partner for expanding your marketing and design capabilities.

Our team has the expertise to create award-winning strategies that change the way you do business, all the while providing a refreshing experience that makes you feel valued and confident in our services.


The Nerdery of SEO

Some key highlights from our interview:

  • Would you rather: answer an RFP or watch 1991’s Cool As Ice, starring Vanilla Ice, 10 times in a row?
  • The transformation from Voltage Creative, a full-service creative shop, to what they’ve become today.
  • The struggle with positioning and dropping the full-service language as the agency evolved.
  • Voltage’s point of difference?
  • The purchase of the agency, what it looked like, and the hardest part of the process.
  • Thought Leadership and how Corey got into writing for Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal.
  • Advice to agency principals or new business leaders on creating and keeping up with content –
  • What AI means for SEO (it won’t die) and what to do about it now.
  • The strangest/weirdest/oddest thing a client ever did or requested.
  • And one piece of advice to a client/marketer to make their agency relationships more effective what would it be?

Key URLs:

Corey’s LI profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coreymorris

Voltage site: https://voltage.digital/

Corey’s Search Engine Land article: https://searchengineland.com/future-o…

Corey’s Search Engine Journal Profile https://www.searchenginejournal.com/a…


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