Cut to the Chase with Cheryl Bame of Bame Public Relations | PR for Legal Firms

Cut to the Chase with Cheryl Bame of Bame Public Relations | PR for Legal Firms

An informative case study/interview on embracing a niche, PR for legal firms.

Cheryl Bame ,principal and founder of Bame Public Relations in Los Angeles, California, is a communications professional with enviable contacts and reach.


She’s widely recognized for her work with law firms, professional services firms, financial and real estate companies as well as industry trade groups.

Some key highlights from our interview  around PR for Legal Firms – Cheryl talks:

  • Stepping into the ring with 1974 Muhammed Ali. (You’ll have to listen)
  • Getting her start as a reporter, and how she entered the legal PR/marketing field.
  • Specialization within her PR firm and the impact on new business.
  • Founding the first Public Relations Special Interest Group (SIG) and PreCon for the Legal Marketing Association (LMA).
  • Ongoing content toi drive new business and starting the Legal PR Blog in 2010.
  • Moving that content from her blog over to LinkedIn and how that has helped her and her firm.
  • Walking the walk: speaking at conferences and taking part in webinars.
  • On a personal note, why she’s taking a step back from her very active volunteering this year and why it was necessary.
  • And finally, how boxing takes a part in her life. (It’s pretty cool.)

More on Cheryl: After a decade in the broadcast news business, Cheryl has spent nearly 24 years implementing communications programs that involve media relations, social media, networking and speaking engagements and other professional reputation strategies.

In 2015, Cheryl was asked by the International Board of Directors of the Legal Marketing Association to launch the group’s Public Relations Special Interest Group to advance the public relations profession for the legal industry.

A frequent speaker and blogger, Cheryl has a passion for her craft and her clients’ successes.

Key URLs

Cheryl’s LinkedIn:   / cherylbame  

Legal PR Blog: https://bamepr.com/the-legal-pr-blog/

Bame PR Site: https://bamepr.com/