A “Triple A+” Objective Look at Your Firm

I just finished a consulting assignment for ADMATIC last week.  They are an Australian headquartered agency with offices in Sidney, Melbourne, and Auckland, New Zealand.

The principal gave my work a “Triple A+!”  Never received a “Triple” before!

Here is a short clip with the principal’s commentary after my final presentation where he kindly gave my consulting work the: “Triple A+!”

Met the principal at the AMI conference in Chicago this year and he apparently thought enough about my experience working with agencies since 2005 and helping them build sound new business programs to hire me into a consulting engagement to help his agency out.

Didn’t go to Australia, but did spend a lot of time interviewing the principal and their key management team late in the evening my time to catch them early morning their time.

His desires were plentiful and the output was spot-on in terms of giving him what he needed for his firm:

  • Create an efficient system for new business development that capitalizes on the organizational strengths of the agency.
  • Develop an organized and compelling marketing and prospecting plan for the agency, which includes an examination of ADMATIC’s positioning relative to competitors, a review of RFP/Proposal responses, and a deep dive into the UX and messaging on their site.
  • Provide specific tactical examples to help more quickly facilitate the quick start of a successful new business program.
  • Identify best-in-class approaches, techniques, tools to use when implementing a productive agency new business program.  This includes email templates, phone messaging, and LinkedIn strategy.

We examined issues related to culture of the firm and how that influences their relationships with each other and their clients.

We looked at competitors and how they were messaging and positioning themselves to help ADMATIC find a more ownable position in the market.

We identified issues that needed to be remedied relative to the perception and reality of the value of what the agency delivered to clients.

Here’s a look at the final presentation agenda:

  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  • Culture Discussion & Recommendations
  • Future Look at ADMATIC & Recommendations
  • Perceptions of ADMATIC New Business & Recommendations for a Structurally More Sustainable and Effective Program
  • Marketing/Messaging/POD
    • Competitive Review
    • Positioning Recommendation
    • Website Messaging Recommendations
    • Messaging Recommendations for RFP Responses
  • Content Recommendations
    • LinkedIn & the Blog
    • Outreach Plan Recommendation for Michael
      • LinkedIn
      • Email
      • Website Visitors
    • Other LinkedIn Recommendations

It was exciting and invigorating to dissect their firm on so many different levels and give them back something that not only helped from a big picture standpoint, but gave them the tools they needed and the roadmap it required to help them activate the program on their own.

So…if you haven’t done anything quite like this before, as we roll out of what has been a rather crazy year for the ad business, you might want to consider taking an objective look at your firm and readying it for what can hopefully be a highly productive 2024 for you.

Want help or want to talk about how we can help?  Drop me a line (mark@rswus.com) or give me a call (513-293-6785).