Prospect Doors Are Opening in 2024-Are You Knocking?

Prospect Doors Are Opening in 2024-Are You Knocking?

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Prospect Doors Are Opening in 2024-Are You Knocking?

I think it’s safe to say that 2023 was tough for both marketers & agencies.

Marketers were nervous about starting new projects and agencies felt it.

But from my perspective, the tides seem to be changing in the New Year.

2023 Was Wait & See

In my role here at RSW/US, as the Director of Sales & Training and a New Business Director, I have the unique ability to hear from both marketers and agencies.

Throughout the last year, I personally felt the increased difficulty of securing Meetings with marketers for my agency clients – – as did many of my fellow New Business Directors.

Marketers were apprehensive to move on projects for the most part.

They wanted to move forward… but the overall consensus was to “wait and see”.

However, I have noticed a shift at the close of the year and the start of this New Year… doors seem to be opening again.

Prospect Doors Are Opening in 2024-Are You Knocking

Prospecting Momentum in 2024

Marketers that I talked to 15+ months ago want to reconnect, more are responding to proactive outreach, and cold projects are heating up – prospect doors are opening.

Just recently, one of my West Coast clients got the opportunity to fly across the country to pitch for a huge project, in-person.

Examples like this are happening across the board here at RSW/US – – as an organization, we’ve had weeks with record numbers of ‘Meetings Set’ for our agency clients.

Yes, marketers are still apprehensive, yet they’re opening their doors again.

Is your agency knocking?

If you’re not proactively knocking, you’re likely to miss those precious opportunities.

This is what we do at RSW/US – –  so if you’re unable to consistently and proactively reach out to prospects, then reach out to us.

We are the most complete and trusted outsourced new business solution for agencies!