RSW Agency New Business Programs

RSW/US: Full Service Outsourced Agency New Business Program

RSW/US  is a full service program, supported by a seasoned sales/new business director and a team of list builders, marcom, and other strategic support staff. This program is designed to help agencies get closer to close. Your new business director (who looks like they are part of your agency) finds qualified leads, sets meetings, helps better position you in the market, and works to get you closer to close.


RSWlite: Introductory Appointment Setting

RSWlite helps you get brief conversations started.  We use experienced sales development reps to find prospects interested in speaking with you. At the start of each program we create messaging platforms to help guide the communication of your firm’s value.


RSW/Consulting: Building a Program that Wins

We can help you build better proposals, RFPs, and presentations.  We can offer candid feedback on your website so prospects benefit from visits and don’t get turned off.  We can help you better shape your messaging and help you put together the right structure and team to win more new business.


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