Who We Are

RSW/US is a lead generation and strategic business development group that supports marketing services firms.

We Are Agency‑Client Relationship Experts

At its core, RSW/US is a full service business development organization with the heart of a marketing services firm. Founded by Mark Sneider, RSW/US has experienced double-digit growth and growing client tenure since its founding in 2005. The number of meetings we generate for our clients increases year over year, and the amount of business closed by our clients continues to increase every year.

Click here for a sample list of doors we’ve opened for clients: RSW/US Meetings Set

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, RSW/US is a team of 35 employees. A team of list developers, digital marketing managers, new business developers, account managers, and a strategic leadership team supports each and every program.

What We Are

We are an outsourced, marketing-centric, full service business development group that helps you find meaningful opportunities and win more business.

We are all about getting you to close. Our new business directors are not only given solid base salaries and incentives when they get you great meetings, but those incentives increase when you close business. We all have our eye on seeing you to close. We know that getting you great meetings isn’t enough.

In addition, our owner, Mark Sneider, actively inserts himself into every program to ensure that the right steps are being taken by our clients to move opportunities forward. His level of involvement varies, depending on the needs and skill sets of the client. Some clients are good at putting on the “sales hat” after the meeting to move the “ball down the line”…others, not so much.

We’re about defining our clients’ target segments, providing a concrete value proposition, and facilitating the development of content to support the effort. One of the greatest compliments we receive is that our clients feel we’re part of their team. That means defining, together with our clients, the right targets, strategy, and definition of quality meetings from the start.

In addition to helping marketing services firms by opening up doors, we often help our clients by reviewing proposals, presentations, and RFPs — all as part of the program.