New Business Webinar: A 2016 View Through The Marketer’s Eyes

Each year, RSW/US conducts a survey asking both Marketers and Agencies for their perspective on the state of the advertising/marketing industry.  We received nearly 300 responses from Senior Marketing Executives and senior Agency leaders in our most recent survey.

Our new business webinar, A 2016 View Through the Marketer’s Eyes, presents insights gleaned through year’s survey.

In the webinar, RSW/US Owner and President, Mark Sneider:

– Describes changes in the Agency/Marketer relationship
– Discusses opportunity/opportunities these changes create
– Addresses implications for the AOR relationship
– Presents the services Marketers say they want most

In addition, we asked Marketers and Agencies about the most “troubling trends” they observe in each other.  Mark also shares feedback from this open-ended question in the webinar.

Learn how your peers are viewing industry trends in A 2016 View Through the Marketer’s Eyes.