2017 New Business Tools Webinar-A Realistic Approach

Our webinar (based on our new 2017 Tools Report, co-sponsored with Mirren New Business) from Wednesday, June 7th, 2017.  In it, RSW/US VP of Sales, Lee McKnight Jr., walks you through the tools your agency peers find most useful to drive new business.

As you’re budgeting for or considering tools to add to your new business arsenal, this webinar will be helpful. Lee will talk the top tools, new tools, and also present realistic options for building the right tool-set.

With so many out there, you can’t use them all, but we’ll talk the right mix from the ground floor.

Now in its fifth year, The New Business Tools Annual Report summarizes the findings from nearly 400 US agency executives on the use and effectiveness of tools across a range of nine different categories most critical to an agency’s new business function.