You Need A Cold, Hard Agency New Business Wake-Up Call-3 Of Them Actually

You Need A Cold, Hard Agency New Business Wake-Up Call-3 Of Them Actually

You know sometimes you need an agency new business wake-up call-a jolt, a bucket of cold water just right in your face.

I’m seeing three sales trends that are not helping anyone gain any new business. 

You need to watch this episode and share it with your team-let’s do it.

This is 3 Takeaways, your agency new business video series where we focus on one new business category and give you three takeaways to help improve your new business program.

We’re coming in hot and keeping it short-you’ll want to soak in all three of these takeaways.

We’re talking trends that agencies, and salespeople generally, need to stop embracing. 

That first trend is:

Sales messaging or copy that gets way too specific, way too fast

. . .or that gets into the weeds, and overly technical, too quickly.

Your first takeaway:

A lay-person should be able to understand any initial lead generation outreach.

Whether that’s email, phone, or social.

Sometimes that seems counter-intuitive, because you may feel like you’re not giving your prospect the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t mean dumb it down, just don’t vomit minutia all over them out of the gate.

That was a terrible visual I just put in your head, let’s move on. 

OK, the next trend is war and peace messaging.

Here’s your second agency new business wake-up call, or takeaway:

Unless you’ve already started conversations with your prospect, your first email should not be longer than three short paragraphs max.

I know many of you watching could contradict me with success you’ve had with longer emails, but it amazes me how many salespeople, how many agency new business directors, send scrolling, multi-paragraph emails on their first outreach attempt.

No one has time for it.

As I said, if you’ve started communication in some form with that prospect, you have more leeway. 

But try this experiment-

Force yourself to write no more than 3 paragraphs at two sentences each in your next round of prospecting emails.

It’s hard, and you have to cut to the chase with really important, valuable information.

But it’s a good exercise to help you get more concise, and not just in your emails, but in video calls and phone calls.

And the last trend I call subject line Russian roulette.

And here’s you third takeaway to explain:

Don’t use “Meeting Request” as your email subject line. 

Or any form of it.

It may work, if you like using hope as a strategy, but you’re most likely looking at an automatic delete.

It screams, I am a salesperson you don’t know.

64% of prospects make a decision to open emails based on subject lines.

So what do you think your prospect will do when she sees meeting request?

That’s a non-starter.

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