Marketer’s Edge Interview with Mark Cohen: Financial Services Firms Marketing

Financial Services Firms Marketing

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In this episode of Marketer’s Edge we’re talking financial services firms marketing with Mark Cohen, Senior Vice President, Marketing Manager of Advisory Services for Mesirow.

If your ad agency focuses on Financial Services Firms Marketing, you should watch this episode of Marketer’s Edge.

Mesirow is an independent, employee-owned financial services firm founded in 1937. Headquartered in Chicago with offices around the world, they serve clients through a personal, custom approach to reaching financial goals and acting as a force for social good.

Why Advertising Agencies Should Watch This Episode-Mark talks:

  • Utilizing digital technology for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The future of AI and technology in marketing and the various challenges in its application.
  • The challenges of digital integration for marketers.
  • The importance of digital transformation and cultural change in companies.
  • What kind of organization Mesirow is, and what he does for them.
  • The role of “Advisory Services” in financial companies.
  • Marketing strategies in the financial services industry.
  • The importance of digital culture in organizations.
  • Strategies for effective client-agency relationships.
  • The significance of AI in marketing and business management.
  • Advice Mark would give to marketers looking to bring a new agency on board.
  • Mark’s advice for agencies looking to win business from marketers.
  • Strategies for agencies to win business opportunities.

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