Marketer’s Edge Interview With Jessica Normington: Not-For-Profit Organizations

Marketer’s Edge Interview With Jessica Normington: Not-For-Profit Organizations

In this episode of Marketer’s Edge we’re talking not-for-profit organizations with Jessica Normington, Director of Development and Communications for Blind Industries & Services of Maryland..

If your ad agency works with and pursues not-for-profit organizations, watch this episode.

Blind Industries & Services of Maryland (BISM) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing career and training resources to blind residents of Maryland.

Why Advertising Agencies Should Watch This Episode-Jessica talks:

  • The various services and training offered through BISM.
  • How the marketing for an organization like BISM is similar and different from other marketing jobs.
  • How she’s using social media to drive donations for BISM.
  • With this being her first job focused on working with people with disabilities, what attracted Jessica to this industry, and more specifically, this organization.
  • What is most fulfilling personally working with BISM.
  • Some of the more significant challenges facing BISM and how she anticipates addressing those challenges.
  • How her experience working at the Pikesville Chamber of Commerce helped prepare for the work she’s currently doing at BISM.
  • Advice she would give to marketers thinking about bringing a new agency on board.
  • And lastly, if an agency was trying to knock down Jessica’s door and attempting to win business from her, the advice she would give them.


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