Marketer’s Edge Interview With Jerry Clum: Franchise Business Common Threads

Marketer’s Edge Interview With Jerry Clum: Franchise Business Common Threads

In this episode of Marketer’s Edge we’re talking with Jerry Clum, CEO of Hommati, and the discussion focuses on starting a franchise business, franchise business common threads, and capturing the attention of agents and home buyers.

If your agency pursues clients in the real estate market or franchising, you’ll want to watch this episode.

A bit of background: Hommati provides innovative services and dynamic content such as 3D Tours, Aerial Videos, Ultra HD Photography, Video Slideshows, Augmented Reality designed to help real estate agents win more listings, sell more homes, sell them faster and often for a higher sales price. Each franchise is independently owned and operated.

Why Advertising Agencies Should Watch This Episode-Jerry talks:

  • Advice he’d give to fellow entrepreneurs looking to start a franchise business.
  • The franchise business common threads that carry through all of the businesses he’s owned and run.
  • Jerry’s predictions on the state of real estate sales.
  • What makes Hommati different from the other franchise businesses Jerry has run.
  • How a brand like Hommati captures the attention of agents and home buyers.
  • What Jerry sees as the advantages and disadvantages of in-house versus bringing in an agency.
  • Advice Jerry would give to marketers thinking about bringing a new agency on board

A little bit about Jerry:
CEO, Franchisor, Entrepreneur, Consultant, and cited expert in all areas related to franchising.

And Jerry’s got a great Zig Ziglar quote on his LinkedIn page:

“You can everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want!”


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