Marketer’s Edge Interview With Doug Bastian: Agriculture Industry

Marketer’s Edge Interview With Doug Bastian: Agriculture Industry

In this episode of Marketer’s Edge we’re talking the agriculture industry with Doug Bastian, North American Sales and Marketing Manager at Alforex Seeds.

If your ad agency pursues clients in the agriculture industry, you should watch this episode of Marketer’s Edge.

Alforex Seeds is more than a seed company.

It represents the culmination of 100+ years of innovation and focus, combining the legacies, the products and the R&D strength of longtime leaders in alfalfa and forages.

Alforex incorporates heritage, innovation and focus to provide you a new perspective on alfalfa and forage crops; perspective to help you get more from your acres and find out how good you can really be.

Alfalfa and forage are what they do best because that’s all they do.

Why Advertising Agencies Should Watch This Episode-Doug talks:

  • The “Agriculture’s Brighter Side Video Contest” launched by Alforex Seeds back in 2021
  • How the sales portion of his job informs the marketing side
  • The varied marketing assets they create for the sales team
  • Hie experience working with different marketing agencies
  • Advantages of using an agency vs an in-house team
  • What kind of company Alforex Seeds is and the marketing challenges they face
  • His 30 years in the industry, the biggest changes and how those changes have influenced the way he markets
  • How Doug differentiates Alforex Seeds from other competitors
  • What value manufacturers (like Alforex) need to provide to farmers
  • How he builds awareness for both farmers and dealer-distributors
  • What kind of content they most often post
  • What role influencers play in this specific space
  • How important branding is to both farmers and dealer-distributors
  • The importance of category experience when searching for a marketing agency in the agriculture industry
  • Advice he would give to marketers thinking about bringing a new agency on board.
  • And lastly, if an agency was trying to win business from him, the advice he would give them.


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