3 Business Development Strategies That Work In 2022

3 Business Development Strategies That Work In 2022

Lee McKnight Jr. is delivering you 3 business development strategies that come straight from your agency peers.

Welcome to “3 Takeaways”, your agency new business video series where we focus on one new business category and give you three takeaways to help improve your new business program.

We attended the AMI Conference in Chicago a few weeks back, and were privileged to moderate three different agency roundtables, with the topic, Business Development in 2022-What’s working and what’s not. 

I can’t give away all the good stuff, but for our three takeaways, I wanted to point out three tips on what’s working: what we see working with our own clients, and what agencies from our roundtables mentioned was working for them.

Here’s your first takeaway:

Try posting something personal on LinkedIn. 

Does that sound weird?

It kind of feels weird-I have not done it often, but I’m planning on doing it a bit more. 

Because it does two things-

  • Gets you more views and likes, and
  • Brings a human side to you, that prospects will respond to.

There are some ground rules here.

Do it sparingly, and provide some type of insight or reflection. 

If it’s just a post with a picture of you by the lake, or the team at happy hour, you’ll probably get some views, but then you’re just turning it into your Facebook feed.

Ideally, you tie in some aspect of your personal life, could be a reflection on something positive, or how you handled a struggle, into your work life.

I will tell you, it’s not always easy, because, and I hate this overused word, it needs to be authentic. 

But mixing one of those posts in, with every nine thought leadership posts, gives your profile more dimension-prospects work with agencies and people they like.

This will help you do that. 

Your second takeaway:

Don’t sell in every email.

Also sounds weird, right?

You need to take advantage of that email real estate with every send. 

Well, email deliverability is getting more and more important. 

The days of blasting out ineffectual, no homework emails is going away. 

Your sender reputation is incredibly important. 

If more and more of your emails are going into spam filters, Google will ding you.

If you pick one email a week, or 1 out of 4 in your cadence, and not sell to your prospect, but instead, provide them with something of value, that relates to their industry-it will help you stand out, and your prospects will respond in kind. 

It will still take time, it’s not a silver bullet, but everyone else is blindly selling, seeing what sticks. 

And your third takeaway, and it’s purely tactical:

Pursue new hires-the right way. 

A new CMO, or VP of Marketing, will have a lot on her or his plate being new on the job. If you approach them respectfully, and show your value, chances are good they’ll at least be more open to talking.

They’ll need the help. 

Doesn’t always work, and you can’t jump all over them, but there are some software platforms, like a ZoomInfo, or more inexpensive options, just Google ZoomInfo new hires, or Lead 411 new hires, and other platforms will pop us as well within that search to help you find those new hires. 

Couple that with Google alerts and LinkedIn, and you’ve got what you need.

There you go-3 business development strategies for 2022.

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