How RSW/US Helped a SoCal Tech-focused Full-Service Agency Secure an AOR Relationship with a Thriving Startup

Tech-Focused Full Service Agency Located in SoCal

Client wins include Avaak and Hanger, as well as DriveCam and Druva, generating approximately $400K initially.

Because new tech companies form every day and industry experts change roles quickly, identifying prospects in this industry can be painstaking and time-sensitive.

As an agency deeply entrenched in the tech industry the partners knew in-house strengths were best applied on account work. Growth objectives would be most efficiently fulfilled by outsourcing new business acquisition.

Business development expertise and the efficiency of a proven methodology were key needs that RSW/US brought to the table.

How RSW/US Helped a SoCal Tech-focused Full-Service Agency Secure an AOR Relationship with a Thriving Startup

For this agency, the pool of desirable new business prospects is tightly defined by both geography and industry – limiting the size of the list the RSW/US Operations team could build.

The New Business Director working with the client dedicated herself to additional industry research to enable her to reach prospects as they took on new responsibilities and to be in position as early as possible in the development pipeline with new products and services.

While doing research, the NBD saw news about Druva, a company providing data protection.

Founded in 2008 with Angel financing and with seven employees, it has grown to become a firm of 300 employees that serves over 3,000 customers in less than six years.

In October, 2013, Druva announced completion of $25 Million in Series C funding to support its inSync platform. Within a month, our NBD had a meeting set with Druva for our client.


RSW/US is an outsourced agency lead generation and new business development firm that works exclusively with marketing service companies to find and win new business.

We help agencies by better positioning them in the market, finding qualified leads, setting meetings and helping move them closer to close.

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