How RSWUS Helped an Architecture-Building Products PR Firm Close Over a Dozen Wins In an Economic Crisis

Architecture/Building Products PR Firm Located in Pennsylvania

New PR business with firms like Ellison Bronze, Viracon, Xypex, H. B. Fuller, American Hydrotech and many more, contributed to more than $1M in new business revenue.

Like many small firms, this building products PR firm lacked in-house business development expertise.

Despite one of their principals being a great closer, the firm was dedicated to serving existing client needs and didn’t have a methodology to identify and pursue new opportunities.

At the beginning of the program, a dismal economy presented an additional challenge; building and construction activity had shut down almost entirely.

How RSWUS Helped an Architecture-Building Products PR Firm Close Over a Dozen Wins In an Economic Crisis

The key to success lay in two words: laser focus.

The RSW/US team had to find out where investment was happening and which supplier segments could benefit. While the residential market was stalled, the commercial sector still had a pulse propelled by longer-range planning and development timetables.

The research resources of the RSW/US Operations Department enabled the New Business Director (NBD) to precisely target prospects with marketing needs and available budgets, even in a tight market.

A finely tuned communications strategy honed in on our client’s leadership and expertise in public relations for this very specific industry and the NBD delivered this message to decision-makers in target companies with precision.

The RSW/US new business development methodology soon bore fruit and the NBD was successful in breaking through to prospects with decision-making authority.

The seamless integration between the RSW/US team and the client’s staff meant they were well-prepared to take advantage of each opportunity. In the client’s words, the RSW/US program enabled them to keep their doors open and then thrive when the economy rebounded.

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