The New Business Team Is All Here-Not Always A Good Thing

The The New Business Team Is All Here-Not Always A Good Thing

The New Business Team Is All Here-Not Always A Good Thing 

 I had a question from an agency principal recently about first meetings with prospects. 

This principal typically went into first meetings via referral, so more of a comfort feel walking in versus a meeting resulting from pure prospecting. 

Similarly, in terms of pitching, the same principal who can crush a pitch presentation often finds a first meeting with an unknown prospect daunting. 

One aspect we discussed was a phone versus face-to-face meeting, or in today’s world, Teams, Zoom, or similar platforms. 

This principal recounted what we’ve heard before from agencies, that a phone meeting is okay but face-to-face is imminently better. 

said generally agreed, as that face-to-face communication is powerful, but also replied that it can be a mistake not to take that first phone meeting if the prospect asks for it that way. 

Especially with some prospects not really partial to video calls- 

Always ask what they prefer

As we continued the conversation, this principal went on to describe the main reason he preferred face-to-face. 

It wasn’t because he didn’t believe in first meetings via phone, quite the contrary, but he said they really never had any luck with them. 

I went on to find out the reason why: he was a big believer in the team approach to agency new business, and that apparently included those first meetings. 

At any given first-meeting, face-to-face, conference or video call, 

He might have as many as 5 people in that initial meeting.  Piece of advice-don’t do this.  

What makes sense in the pitch with your team doesn’t necessarily work in a first meeting. 

This may seem like common sense, as we’ve all been on conference or video calls where you’re tripping over each other. 

With too many people on an initial call, things can go south quickly. 

So before you take that first call, video or otherwise, remember, it’s not a rumble-bring no more than 2 key people along unless there is a specific reason you need more.