Agency New Business-Agency & Marketer Report 2013

The 2013 RSW-US Agency New Business Marketer-Agency Report


1)      How different criteria rank when Marketers review Agencies

While Agencies would potentially like to think that most, if not all Marketers only think about price and other less meaningful measures, it appears that how Agencies think Marketers SHOULD judge them, is exactly (or at least close to) how Marketers actually are judging them.


2)      Marketing and Category Specialization

  • Fewer Marketers (47%) than Agencies (62%) believe specialization is more important today than 3-4 years ago.
  • 59% of Marketers state that Agencies only need to have 50% or less of their Agency focused on their category in order to be considered a specialist in their field.
  • 77% of Marketers state that it is either somewhat or very important to hire an Agency that has some degree of specialization.


3)      Survival of Digital Firms

What “threat,” if any, do digital firms pose to full service firms – and what,  if anything, do digital firms need to do (e.g. offer traditional services) in order to survive long-term.

  • Close to 60% of Agencies and Marketers think digital-only firms are a small threat to full service Agencies.
  • When asked how important it is for digital firms to offer traditional services in order to survive long-term, 79% of Marketers (and 75% of Agencies) feel it was either somewhat or very important.

Additional questions were supplied by Adweek that involved agency selection criteria.

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