Survey of Agency-Client First Meetings & Closing Effectiveness

A Marketer and Agency Perspective

In partnership with Second Wind


The purpose of this study is two-fold: 1) It is intended to help Agencies understand how Marketers (Clients) perceive the value of what they are bringing to the table during first meetings and help them understand how effective/not effective they are when following up after initial meetings; and 2) It is intended to help Marketers indirectly by improving the manner by which Agencies reach out in their attempt to engage, and the content (and value of) information they present during and after initial meetings.

Overall, there appear to be some very clear and present opportunities for Agencies to improve upon the value of what they offer Marketers during initial meetings (calls or face-to-face meetings) – and in how they operate after a first discussion with a Marketing prospect. What Marketers want and what Agencies are giving aren’t in sync.

As point of example, 78% of Marketers state that Agencies don’t know enough about their business when they first reach out to make a connection. This is in sharp contrast to 72% of Agencies that say they are “well” to “very well” prepared going into a new prospect meeting with a Marketer. This is just one example of the chasm that exists between the wants of Marketers and the perceived deliverables of Agencies. Closing these gaps will only improve the chances of Agencies winning new business and improve the likelihood that Marketers will be able to more effectively search out and find the best talent.

The Agency samples came from databases of 6,000 marketing service companies ranging in size from under $5M in capitalized billings to over $50M.

The Marketer sample came from our RSW/US database of well over 15,000 client contacts used for our on-going lead generation/business development programs. Client company size varied significantly. Some companies were very large ($1B+, like Ford, Abbott, and Kraft), others were mid-to small size players like Frisch’s, FLOR, and The Sports Authority.

In an attempt to add value and help you improve your own efforts as you work to plan for the balance of 2010 and 2011, we have prepared the following report for ease of reference and perspective/implications relative to some of the key results in the study.

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