2008 – Client’s Perspective on Economic Conditions


The 2008 Client’s Perspective on Economic Conditions was completed by 202 Marketing executives during March, 2008. This study was commissioned by Reardon Smith Whittaker (RSW).

The sample came from databases of Marketers managed by RSW. Clients surveyed ranged in size from $50M to $2B. Some of the largest industries represented in the survey responses were packaged goods (15%), manufacturing/distribution (18%), healthcare (9%), retail (9%), and travel & tourism (6%).

We have prepared an overall Executive Summary for ease of reference. The perspective provided will hopefully be of value to you as you work to better your overall new business development program to address the issues facing marketers in these challenging economic times – whether it be through use of outside services like Reardon Smith Whittaker, or shoring up the efforts you manage internally.

If you would like to reproduce any of our findings in any format whatsoever, please ask permission.

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