“Getting You to Close”

The marketing agency landscape is changing rather rapidly.

More marketers are using project work as a starting point for agency relationships – which forces agencies to look at how they prospect, how they talk about themselves, and how they pursue new business, differently.

More marketers are also bringing more work in-house. This doesn’t eliminate the need for agencies, but it does force agencies to think about their structure, their offerings, and how they position and sell their agency.

Looking for some help managing through these unpredictable times?

Looking to improve your agency new business program and its effectiveness?

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RSWUS Consulting Proposal

RSW/US has been in the business of managing agency new business programs for their marketing agency clients since 2005.

We are the Nation’s leading outsourced agency new business firm. We work exclusively with marketing agencies to help them open qualified doors, set meetings, better position them in the market, and get them closer to close.

We live the issues you’re dealing with every day. We have an outstanding track record of helping agencies work their way down the line to close more business. RSW/US is uniquely suited to help agencies (specifically those that are mid-to-smaller agencies) better organize their new business process and improve their chances of winning new business.

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