3 Takeaways – Ep #5 – Don’t Be Scared Of Specialization

In this episode of “3 Takeaways”, we focus on the outcome of marketers looking to reduce the number of agencies on their rosters: specifically, more than half of those marketers saying they intend to add specialist shops to fill talent voids left by those reduced numbers. So, the search for specialized agencies is happening now,…
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3 Takeaways – Ep #4 – You Don’t Want To Be The AOR

In this episode, we talk about AOR relationships, and more specifically why you may not want your agency to be the AOR. Blasphemy? Maybe, but our video is based on a conversation with an agency principal that was born of frustration with essentially being the lead agency, but not the AOR. After a frank conversation…
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RSW/US Client Win-NYC Social Media Agency Finds Opportunity With Regional Bank

This social media agency works with B2C and B2B brands across multiple verticals. Prior to engaging with RSW/US, this agency acquired new business primarily through referrals, which were slowing. We started by identifying prospect companies with a social media presence that could be improved. Our client employed a horizontal positioning over multiple verticals, so we…
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3 Takeaways – Episode #02- The Referral Roller Coaster

This is episode #2 of the agency new business video series where we give you three takeaways to help improve your new business program. We start off this video by asking the question, “What sources best generate new leads for your agency or firm?” The answer is probably referrals, and if so, you’re not alone.…
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RSW/US Client Win-Full Service Digital Agency Focused On Entertainment-Located In NYC

This full-service digital marketing agency has an array of clients, which span Live Events, Sports, Film & Television, Theatre, Arts & Cultural Institutions and Travel & Tourism. Prior to engaging with RSW/US, the agency acquired new business primarily through referral and was challenged to break through and engage with top-of-funnel leads. RSW/US continually connected the…
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3 Takeaways – Episode #1- Embrace the Snail

Welcome to the inaugural episode of RSW/US’s 3 Takeaways, an agency new business video series where we focus on one new business category and give you three takeaways to help improve your new business program. Today we’re talking about prospecting, and more specifically, direct mail as a prospecting tool. Yes, snail mail.

Ad Agency New Business Enthusiasm

Good to see ad agency new business enthusiasm on the rise. 54% of agencies we surveyed think 2018 will be a solid year for new business. We give a few reasons why in this video.