Does Your In-House Agency Need an Outside Agency?

Many things keep agency leaders up late at night. The latest agency night terror is the pendulum swing of clients building in-house agencies to replace them.

The fear appears to be spreading: 80% of agencies predict that their clients will bring at least some marketing services in-house in 2017, according to RSW/US.

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5 Trends That Will Define Agency New Business in 2017

Will 2017 be the year agencies fall dangerously out of touch with client expectations?

How will the shift towards project-based work impact your agency’s ability to retain long-term clients?

Do clients intend to move more marketing services in-house in 2017?
A new report from RSW/US examines these and other troubling trends, offering valuable insights into both agency and marketer perspectives on key topics such as spending, project work versus AORs, and the explosive rise of marketing technology.

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Is 2017 the new 2008 for marketing agencies? Consider these recent industry developments:

  • Agency business is strong, but driven by a lot of project work, so business is somewhat unstable.
  • Marketing tech is raging, but both marketers and agencies feel the other is chasing shiny objects.
  • Agencies that never went after small pieces of the pie are now vying for this business because the networked agencies need revenue.
  • Marketers are demanding more from their agencies and giving them less.
  • The talent pool is somewhat sporadic, which makes marketers feel like agencies aren’t equipped to manage their business.
  • More marketers are bringing business in-house.
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RSW/US, the nation’s leading outsourced lead generation firm for marketing agencies, just completed its 11th annual New Year Outlook survey. One of the most compelling questions that has hit a nerve with marketers and agencies is whether 2017 is going to include more project work with agencies needing more revenue and marketers demanding more as agencies work with less.

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It’s 2017, but advertisers and marketers remain at odds over the changing nature of their relationship, according to results from a New Year Outlook survey conducted by development firm RSW/US.

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The day-to-day work with our clients at RSW/US enables us to understand on a personal level new business development challenges advertising agencies face in real time. For a more comprehensive, macro view of the industry and dynamics affecting the new business development process, we field the Agency New Business Survey every other year.

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TV advertising is still the primary focus of marketing efforts for nearly one quarter (22%) of US B2B enterprises.

This is one finding of the new Enterprise Marketing Survey 2016 released by B2B research firm Clutch and marketing agency R2integrated (R2i).

The survey also determined that enterprises rely on multi-channel campaigns, using an average of eight different marketing channels.   Furthermore, it affirmed that agencies are in high demand, especially ones that specialize.

Clutch quoted RSW/US Owner and President, Mark Sneider, in the survey findings on topics relating to continuing marketer investment in television as well as opportunities for agencies.

Read the Clutch survey report, Enterprise Marketing Survey 2016, for full insights.

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New marketing technology platforms appear at a pace of six a day, so it’s little wonder that the cutting-edge, go-to new business tools of yesteryear seem to be now forgotten. Agency new business executives can sort out developments more easily by referring to the latest New Business Technology Tools Report from Mirren and RSW/US.

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The headline sounds crazy, but some brands are not as enthusiastic about increasing digital advertising spending as agencies are, according to the 2016 New Year Outlook survey from marketing services firm RSW/US.

Survey results indicate that agencies are more bullish on digital than marketers are, which may come as a surprise, since conventional wisdom in the industry is that agencies have been slower to embrace digital than brands would have liked.

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Will this be the year that marketers surprise their agencies by shifting dollars out of digital and back into more traditional media?

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