RSW-Lite: Outsourced e-Lead Generation

For only $2,500 per month, RSW-Lite will keep your agency engaged with prospects via thought leadership content and personalized email outreach – and keep you informed of prospects expressing interest in speaking with you and prospects visiting your website.


  • For $2,500 per month we will send out a bi-weekly VAE (value-added email) to all your prospects.  This VAE is a graphic, templated email showcasing your thought leadership or interesting 3rd party articles.  We can design the template for you (as part of the program) if you don’t have one.  We are responsible for aggregating all content/articles and use our technology platform to deliver these releases to prospects.  See example of another client’s VAE.


  • We follow each VAE release with professionally written, personalized emails sent to openers and clickers, in an attempt to engage the prospect.  You will be sent any responses from prospects interested in meeting with you.


  • You receive bi-weekly reports of all clickers/openers of the content.


  • We also report on website visitors in real time so you can also connect with prospects as they are engaging with your site.


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