New Study Finds That Agencies and Marketers Are Still at Odds in 2017-RSW/US survey notes stubborn gap

RSW/US survey notes stubborn gap

It’s 2017, but advertisers and marketers remain at odds over the changing nature of their relationship, according to results from a New Year Outlook survey conducted by development firm RSW/US.

Asked about “troubling trends” in the industry, for instance, answers coming from the two disciplines were almost diametrically opposed.

Marketers complained that agencies “haven’t figured out how to be project-based,” pointed to a perceived “lack of technical and data-savvy teams on our accounts,” and claimed that too many legacy shops have yet to complete the cultural shift from old media to new.

Per RSW/US, agency executives, meanwhile, said marketers often turn to their own in-house departments for work they feel their teams could do better. They believe that such partners are unwilling to commit to quality work amid a “declining respect for agencies” and advertising in general.

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