Fueling Your Business Development Content Engine

Fueling Your Business Development Content Engine

One big business development challenge for ad agencies: Fueling Your Business Development Content Engine

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RSW/US is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, with experts in lead generation, targeted prospect list building, and content creation driving our ad agency business development programs.

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Taking a fresh look at your stash of business development content is always a smart choice – but how do you get your content engine fueled up?

Fueling Your Business Development Content Engine

1) Let your work be your guide

When it comes to case studies, try developing a full arc to your client’s success story. What was their situation before they entered into a relationship with your agency?

How did your unique approach address their challenge? And of course, what was the outcome?

If the prospect sees their problems mirrored in the case study, they’ll want to keep reading.

For blog content inspiration, again— look inward.

View blogging as the most flattering Q&A session imaginable.

  • Cover the topics your agency excels at.
  • What makes your approach stand out?
  • What has proven to be the difference in the experience you provide for clients?

2) Have An Opinion

At times, you’ll want to comment on the hot topic of the day.

A national news items captures everyone’s attention, or some big player in your industry is making moves you can’t ignore.

Go ahead, jump into the conversation.

It allows you to capitalize on the moment.

Buzz doesn’t last long these days, but writing something on the latest hot topic can give your SEO a shot in the arm and get you more views.

But, be cautious.

Let these articles be a spice and not the main course of your thought leadership.

These types of news items don’t always age well, so you’re better off creating less frequent, but more

3. Don’t Go It Alone

More hands help to lighten the load!

A blog post every week is attainable, but still a lot of work. That same load distribution across 3-4 people is far more manageable.

Also, practicing a culture of thought leadership is a strategic advantage for an agency and getting a wide range of voices to contribute helps to paint a more complete picture of what your agency has to offer.

Still having trouble generating ideas? If contributors ever find themselves struggling for inspiration, get them all in the same room together and start spit-balling.

Better yet, invite an outsider to join and ask questions. You’ll walk away with a dozen new topics.

If you’re looking for a more effective business development strategy, email Lee McKnight Jr., VP of Sales at RSW/US at lee@rswus.com.

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