Four Ways To Target The Right Prospects For Business Development

Business Development Challenges For Ad Agencies-Targeting The Right Prospects

Finding and targeting prospects is a big business development challenge for ad agencies, so here are four ways to target the right prospects:

  1. Know Your Positioning
  2. Use Past Work In Future Content
  3. Consider Your Location
  4. Find Right-Fit Titles

As we point out in our eBook header,

All the outreach in the world won’t help if it’s targeted toward the wrong prospects for your agency.

So members of our RSW/US Marcom team created an ebook called RSW Tune-ups, a visual guide to driving more new business in 2022.

We’ll ultimately be releasing it in full, but we’re starting by releasing individual agency new business one-pagers, designed to cover different business development challenges advertising agencies are faced with.

Download the first, Building Awareness here.

This second one-pager covers a big business development challenge for ad agencies: targeting the right prospects, focusing on four business development building blocks to help define your target audience.

Business Development Challenges For Ad Agencies-Targeting The Right Prospects

1. Know Your Positioning

As you plot your course, take a look in the mirror and answer a few questions about your agency: Are you specialized for one or more industries?

Does your work relate across multiple sectors?

How are you different than other agencies?

Here’s some further RSW content to help strengthen your ad agency positioning as you focus on targeting the right prospects:

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2. Use Past Work In Future Content

Take stock of where the bulk of your experience lies to determine what to focus on; make sure that you’re able to draw a connection from work you’ve done to the companies you’re reaching out to.

Here’s some further RSW content to help use past work in your future content:

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3. Consider Your Location

Consider the location of your potential new clients. We often recommended starting close to home and moving outward, but the surge of work-from-home solutions has created a much more open market for agencies across the country.

Making Your Way Out Of The Ad Agency New Business Wilderness

4. Find Right-Fit Titles

Do you need to target the CMO for a discussion about brand strategy, or does it make more sense to talk to a Marketing Director about project work? Focusing your outreach on the right titles will increase the chance of meaningful conversations.

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