Destination RSW 2021 Summer Campaign Giveaway

Destination RSW 2021 Summer Campaign Giveaway

Our “Destination/RSW” Ad Agency New Business campaign is underway with a blog series, videos, an actual road map agencies will get in the mail-and we’re also doing a prize giveaway.

Tune in to some of our social media channels over the next few weeks for your chance to win prizes like:

  1. 50% off registration to our 2022 RSW Virtual Conference
  2. a trial sample of contacts from RSW/List,
  3. and even a month of free services from RSW/US.

A lucky few might even win a new Destination/RSW pint glasses to help keep you cool this summer.

This is how it works: Each week, we’ll give out a code word on one of our social media channels.

Simply email that word to me, with the subject line “Destination: RSW”, and you’re eligible to win!

Here’s a schedule where you can see the elusive code word.

August 17th: “3 Takeaways” YouTube Video (RSW/US Channel)

August 25th: RSW/US Instagram Account (@rswus)

September 1st: Lee McKnight, Jr. LinkedIn Page

September 8th: RSW/US Facebook Page (

September 15th: RSW/US Twitter Account