COVID-19 Resources

Our goal in establishing this COVID-19 resources page is to help you feel more confident in your prospecting right now, see what your peers are doing, make sure your messaging is appropriate, and provide tips on effective prospecting.

We’ve combined our own resources with links to others specifically focused on helping agencies, PR, marketing services and Tech firms.

RSW/US COVID-19 Agency Resources

Agency/Marketer Response to COVID-19 Companion Report-May

Download here.

Prior to releasing the survey for this COVID-19 companion report, senior-level Marketers and Marketing Agency executives completed our first “Agency/Marketer Response to COVID-19 Survey” from March 20-24th, 2020.

As circumstances in the economy and our lives change so rapidly, we wanted to release this companion report, taking data from a follow-up survey completed by Senior-level Marketers and Marketing Agency executives from May 8-12th, to gain comparative, as well as new insights.

Our hope is the key findings and implications from this COVID-19 Companion Report are of value as both marketers and agencies attempt to navigate the unknown factors inherent to our current business landscape.

A Guide To Help Agencies Drive New Business Through Better Case Studies

The Case For Better Case Studies

Download here.

We initially created this primer because agencies often ask us about best practices for case studies.  

Despite COVID 19 changing our industrynew business is more important than ever. 

Ideally you have very little downtime in regards to work, but we know many of you do. 

This is the time to make sure your site and case studies are up to date and prospect-ready.

You need to be prepared when we come out the other end of this.  As one agency principal told us: 

“Now is not the time to slow down. It’s the ONLY time we may ever have to get all this concentrated amount of work done in a short period of time that we will need later for new business efforts.”   

A Guide To Help Agencies Drive New Business Through Better Case Studies

This guide will walk you through the process of creating case studies that will ultimately become a vital asset to your new business strategy.  We walk you through: 

  • Effective Case Study Design 

  • Proper Formatting 

  • Key questions to ask yourself before creating 

  • How to handle a lack of quantifiable results 

  • And more.. 

Agency/Marketer Response to COVID-19 Survey Report

Download here.

We know there’s a large amount of content around COVID-19 right now, but we hope our latest report, Agency/Marketer Response to COVID-19 Survey Report, will be of particular interest to you and other firms out there.    

Specifically because we surveyed your peers, but also marketers, on their response to the situation.

Our report covers spending impact, changing marketing tactics, changing marketer needs, how agencies view new business now, and what kind of client requests agencies are getting currently.  

Certainly some tough realities in our results, but also reasons for optimism-agencies and marketers know they must stay the course.  

(Note that we’ve included an addendum with full responses from key questions-well worth the read.)  

RSW Agency-Marketer Response to COVID-19 Survey Report

RSW 3 Takeaways Video Series

Thanks to all of you at agencies and PR firms that have given us feedback on this report and our current videos.

We’ve created a series of these videos on a weekly basis, given how much everything changes day-to-day.

We really do hope these episodes help as you’re trying to figure out how to keep your new business efforts going. We continue to focus on maintaining, improving and getting creative with your new business efforts:

3 Takeaways Ep39 – Adjust, Don’t Stop Your Prospecting

3 Takeaways Ep40 – Prospecting Prep for Agencies – Now and in the Future

3 Takeaways Ep41 – New Business Ideas from an Agency in the Trenches

3 Takeaways Ep42 – Don’t Make The Prospect Work For You in Agency New Business

3 Takeaways Ep43 – One Easy Change Agencies Can Make To Drive New Business Now

3 Takeaways Ep44 – The Most Asked About Case Study Creation Challenge

3 Takeaways Ep45 – Beware The “If I Just Had This” New Business Director

3 Takeaways Ep.46 – Are You The Agency Eating Cake In The Corner?

3 Takeaways Ep.47 – Since COVID, Marketers Increased Spending In These Areas

Agency New Business Blog

Along with our 3 Takeaways video series, we’re focusing blog content on ways to help your prospecting now as well.

Six Tips To Help Your New Business Prospecting This Week

RSW Agency New Business Case Study Series, Pt. 1: Finding Your Audience

RSW Agency New Business Case Study Series, Pt. 2: Case Studies Aren’t About You

RSW Agency New Business Case Study Series, Pt. 3: Picking A Format

RSW Agency New Business Case Study Series, Pt. 4: Nuts And Bolts

RSW Agency New Business Case Study Series, Pt. 5: If You Don’t Have Results for Your Case Study, It’s Time for a Pep Talk

Other COVID-19 Resources

We have many fantastic colleagues creating valuable content for agencies.

Thanks to them and please email Lee McKnight Jr., VP of Sales at if you have resources you think we should include:

How To Work On New Business For Your Agency In Tough Times

Thanks so much to Clodagh Higgins at Growit Group for having me on the Agency Life podcast.

“In this week’s episode we talk all about new business development, driving new business, having the right tools in your agency to build it for success, and much much more.

Agency Life podcast can be found on all major podcast apps. Please rate, review, and subscribe to our podcast.

Insights from David C. Baker

We’ve been fortunate to share insights from David previously on our site (Pros And Cons Of Positioning Your Firm Vertically Or Horizontally),and David shares a wealth of valuable content on his site that can help your firm now during and in the future, including articles, webinars, and his ongoing podcast with Blair Enns.

ICA – Institute of Communication Agencies-The Agency Sector Guiding Principles during the COVID-19 Pandemic

ICA are providing some really valuable content and help to agencies in Canada, and most if not all of the content certainly applies to agencies in the States as well.

The ICA services are available to non-members right now-sharing their realities and their best practices. Well worth a visit.

Bureau of Digital

A Global Community for Digital Leaders.

Many voices in the digital design industry are begging for their own opportunities to gather, share experiences, and lean on each other.

That’s why Bureau of Digital was created. It’s an organization whose specialty is making the web as collaborative as possible through events, learning, and sharing.

Our portfolio of events includes Owner Camp, Owner Summit, Digital PM Summit, Digital PM Workshops, Operations Camp, and Creative Director Camp.

Conversations on Agency Leadership

Chip Griffin hosts conversations with insights and perspectives to help PR and marketing agency owners build better businesses.

Regularly updated podcasts from Chip with helpful takeaways across the spectrum of agency and PR firm business.

The Dendrocast

Zach Hyder, founder of The Dendro Group, had our own Lee McKnight Jr. and Jody Sutter of The Sutter Company on his podcast, The Dendrocast. Zach updates with new episodes frequently, specifically for agency owners and business development leaders.

How The Shutdown Has Changed New Business

Agencies are reeling from the financial crisis set off by the coronavirus shutdown. But can they still pursue and win new business when everything seems to be on pause?

In this episode, three agency coaches discuss how the new business landscape has changed.

And why business development is more important than pitching.

Joining our host and agency coach Zach Hyder are Jody Sutter of The Sutter Company and Lee McKnight of RSW/US.

Listen in as they answer several big questions agencies are asking about new business, marketing, and growth during this unprecedented global crisis.

COVID-19 – agency survival tools-AMI

Our industry (and our world) has never seen anything like COVID-19 and our #1 job as agency owners is to survive it so we can get our agencies through this storm and back to calm waters.

At Agency Management Institute (AMI) we are committed to helping independently owned agencies through this crisis and back to solid ground. We’re creating and collecting agency-specific resources and provide them to you (no firewall) to any agency who can benefit from them.

We are also doing live webinars every other week, to update participates on how other agencies are handling elements of the COVID-19 reality and answer any specific questions you might have.

Second Wind COVID-19 Resources

We hope you and your agency are doing well and staying healthy.  We’ve developed this page to provide helpful resources and information during the COVID crisis. Please check back frequently as we will update the page with new information as it becomes available.

Please know that Second Wind will be thinking of you during this difficult time and we look forward to assisting in any way we can.

Legal + Creative

A site devoted to helping professionals in the marketing, advertising and communications industries protect and monetize their creative assets.

Sharon Toerek does a fantastic job serving her agency clients, and she’s offering a few ways to help agencies right now.

First, they still have a few free legal strategy sessions available for agency owners. You can use it to discuss any legal topic in Legal + Creative’s wheelhouse, even if it’s not Coronavirus-specific. You can book it here:

And they’re also making their Remote Work Force Template Kit available at no cost, including a Remote Work Policy, Remote Work Agreement, and Equipment Loan Agreement. Many agencies have had to make the adjustment to remote unexpectedly and need some legal tools to manage it. If you would like to request a Toolkit, you can go here:

Fun With Research

A weekly video series focused exclusively on all things research. Susan Baier heads up Audience Audit, which develops custom attitudinal audience segmentation research for smart marketing agencies and their clients.