RSW Case Study: Healthcare Focused Marketing Agency Located in Alabama

RSW Case Study: Healthcare-Focused Marketing Agency Located in Alabama

Healthcare-Focused Marketing Agency Located in Alabama

Three multi-million dollar wins: Security Health Plan, St. Bernard’s Healthcare and UAB Medicine.

Also, several smaller wins include PharmaPoint and Northwest Community Hospital.

This mid-size healthcare-focused marketing agency client had experience in multiple verticals and their internal business development team was pursuing new business with a variety of regional prospects.

However, with a look to long-range growth strategy, the agency sought to drive growth where they saw the most potential – in healthcare.

The firm’s successful campaign for a major hospital system in Wisconsin set the stage for them to open doors across the country, but they knew they needed an organized, strategic
new business effort to leverage this success.

RSW Case Study: Healthcare Focused Marketing Agency Located in Alabama

This program was laser-focused. Our List Department provided the New Business Director with prospect information that accurately identified current key decision makers in hospital marketing.

Hospital marketing executives receive hundreds of calls, mail and email from agencies, much of which can look and sound very much alike.

RSW/US provided strategic recommendations on positioning and communications that helped the agency rise above the noise.

Highly compelling case studies were developed to present to prospects and the RSW/US communications team also provided support with “value-added” email communications that reinforced the agency’s expertise and thought leadership in hospital marketing specifically.

While the RSW/US program delivered early large wins, the Security Health Plan contract resulted over a more extended period of time by steadily developing a relationship with the prospect.

The New Business Director stayed current on developments within the prospect’s organization and made contact at regular intervals.

Our agency client was top-of-mind when the prospect’s need arose.

RSW Case Study: Architecture/Building Products PR Firm Located in Pennsylvania

Architecture/Building Products PR Firm Located in Pennsylvania

New PR business with firms like Ellison Bronze, Viracon, Xypex, H. B. Fuller, American Hydrotech and many more, contributed to more than $1Million in new business revenue.

Like many small firms, this building products PR firm lacked in-house business development expertise.

Despite one of their principals being a great closer, the firm was dedicated to serving existing client needs and didn’t have a methodology to identify and pursue new opportunities.

At the beginning of the program, a dismal economy presented an additional challenge; building and construction activity had shut down almost entirely.

RSW Case Study Architecture-Building Products PR Firm Located in Pennsylvania


The key to success lay in two words: laser focus.

The RSW/US team had to find out where investment was happening and which supplier segments could benefit. While the residential market was stalled, the commercial sector still had a pulse propelled by longer-range planning and development timetables.

The research resources of the RSW/US Operations Department enabled the New Business Director (NBD) to precisely target prospects with marketing needs and available budgets, even in a tight market.

A finely tuned communications strategy honed in on our client’s leadership and expertise in public relations for this very specific industry and the NBD delivered this message to decision-makers in target companies with precision.

The RSW/US new business development methodology soon bore fruit and the NBD was successful in breaking through to prospects with decision-making authority.

The seamless integration between the RSW/US team and the client’s staff meant they were well-prepared to take advantage of each opportunity. In the client’s words, the RSW/US program enabled them to keep their doors open and then thrive when the economy rebounded.