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Your Ad Agency Tagline Is Not Your Agency Elevator Pitch

Let me repeat, and not just for SEO purposes: your ad agency tagline is not your elevator pitch. Yet, so many agencies treat them as one and the same. An Adweek article defines an agency tagline this way: Every organization has words it lives and operates by—mantras, if you will—and ad agencies are no exception. […]

Cobbler’s Children And Agency New Business-An Update

The most-used description we hear for agencies and their new business process (or lack of one) is the story of the cobbler’s children. (If you’re not familiar, read here.) Essentially the cobbler (maker of shoes) is so busy making shoes for his customers/clients, that his own children are walking around with no shoes themselves. Similarly, agencies […]

The New Business Team Is All Here-Not Always A Good Thing

The New Business Team Is All Here-Not Always A Good Thing   I had a question from an agency principal recently about first meetings with prospects.  This principal typically went into first meetings via referral, so more of a comfort feel walking in versus a meeting resulting from pure prospecting.  Similarly, in terms of pitching, the same principal who can crush a […]

Why Don’t Ad Agencies Actively Pursue New Business?

A question as old as time (ish): Why Don’t Ad Agencies Actively Pursue New Business?  Well, the answer will take us on a journey, through a labyrinth of long days, longer nights, and-actually that’s not true, the answer is fairly straightforward.   And you may be thinking, it’s also obvious Lee, why write a post on […]

Are Marketers Done With In-Person Trade Shows?

In a wrap-up to our 2022 RSW New Year Outlook Report, we’re talking virtual and in-person trade shows and conferences.  State of Virtual & In-Person Trade Shows and Conferences  We revisited the conference question this year, and to provide some perspective, in last year’s report, 76% of agencies and 70% of marketers said on average, they […]

Tired of Hearing Your Advertising Agency Needs To Prove Its Value This Year? 

If it’s one thing advertising agencies are consistently being told, from seemingly everyone (and especially since the pandemic hit), it’s that they consistently need to prove out their value.  Adweek recently issued a series of pieces, with one title being, what add agencies should be doing to demonstrate their value in 2022.  A quote from that piece:  In 2022, agencies need to […]