RSW/US Client Win-NYC Social Media Agency Finds Opportunity With Regional Bank

This social media agency works with B2C and B2B brands across multiple verticals. Prior to engaging with RSW/US, this agency acquired new business primarily through referrals, which were slowing.

We started by identifying prospect companies with a social media presence that could be improved. Our client employed a horizontal positioning over multiple verticals, so we targeted one area of strategy and opportunity as a focus on certain segments our Client had not focused on previously.

The financial space is notoriously difficult to break into using email. So, the NBD used a channel often underutilized in agency new business: the phone. She left concise voicemails to further convey insights relevant to the prospect’s Facebook and LinkedIn sites.

Ultimately our client closed an initial $150K piece of business, with work ongoing.

Read the full case study here: Social Media Agency With A Horizontal Positioning Across Multiple Verticals Located in NYC

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