Most Important Criteria For Choosing Agency New Business Tools-RSW/US Infographic

This is the first of three mini-infographics we’ve created to highlight key takeaways from our 2018 RSW/US-Mirren 2018 New business Tools Report.

It’s based on a question from our original survey:

What most impacts your consideration of new business tools?

Per our report:

Effectiveness or an ability to provide a direct impact was ranked as the most important consideration (78%).

Following in close proximity were efficiency, or an ability to improve new business productivity (62%), and ease of implementation and use (55%).

Surprisingly, customer service (11%) and integration with existing software & systems (14%) was not important enough to make the cut with the vast majority of respondents.

As tight as client budgets can be, and as important as profit margins are, agencies are making a definitive statement here: we need tools that provide not only a direct impact, but are effective, efficient and easy to use, and we’re willing to pay for tools that can do that.

A direct quote from an agency in our report sums this up well:

“(We want) a simple and reliable, no frills contact management software program.”

Even more interesting is customer service coming in so low as impacting the decision to invest in new tools, second to last!

I suspect that percentage is higher in reality, but, again, it shows the level of frustration and/or driving desire agencies have for simple, but effective tools.

Two more infographics to come in the next few weeks.

You can also download our tools report here.

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