Agency New Business:

3 Reasons Why Initial Meetings Go Nowhere

We’re RSW/US, an outsourced new business firm that works solely with agencies, PR firms and marketing services firms. We have two main goals: getting clients in doors with qualified meetings (with right-fit prospects) but ultimately getting clients closer to closing business.  We’ve found success over our 15 years by combining experienced new business directors with technology, and not cold selling via bots on LinkedIn or blasting out generic sales emails. If your firm needs help driving new business, contact us below.

This is “3 Takeaways”, our agency new business video series where we focus on one new business category and give you three takeaways to help improve your new business program. We’re big proponents of revisiting the basics several times a year, to take stock and recalibrate where necessary-and that’s what we’re doing today for 3 Takeaways. We’ve talked before on how hard it is to initially break through to prospects. Once you have broken through, however, the process has really just started.

Next comes your first actual meeting, and the steps afterward.  We talk with our own clients about this, specifically what to embrace and what to avoid-before, during and after those first meetings. Before you ever walk in that room or start that call, you have to set your expectations-you’re not signing a contract at that point, at least, not typically. And that’s OK. But way too often, agencies don’t set their expectations, and they make some crucial mistakes. Enter this 3 Takeaways episode: 3 Reasons Why Initial Agency New Business Meetings Go Nowhere.

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